About Ochsner

At Ochsner, close collaboration between clinicians and scientists brings medical discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside. Ochsner is a national leader in medical research with more than 300 ongoing research trials and 200 annual publications in medical literature. It is one of the largest non-university based physician training centers in the nation with over 200 Ochsner-sponsored medical residents, over 300 medical residents from affiliated residency programs, over 600 medical students, and 400 allied health students annually.

Mission and Vision

Ochsner continuously meets the ever-changing patients and community needs through electronically-linked hospitals and health centers. Electronic medical records are available from any Ochsner location allowing for the most consistent patient care, both for routine health needs and more complex medical conditions.

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Learn about the latest highlights and milestones taking place at Ochsner, as well as an annual review and report.

2013 Annual Report

During 2013, Ochsner expanded the breadth and availability of important medical services throughout our region in collaboration with a wide array of hospitals, physicians, insurers and other healthcare providers. We are committed to helping hospitals and health systems across Louisiana and the Gulf South adjust to the changes brought about by healthcare reform.

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2012 Annual Report

As the nation stands on the advent of the most significant healthcare policy change in decades, Ochsner Health System is strategically positioned as the leader that our state and region deserve.

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2011 Annual Report

Ochsner, Louisiana's largest not-for-profit health system, is shaping the future of healthcare. In 2011, Ochsner progressed toward a stronger future by building a bridge to a healthier tomorrow.

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2010 Annual Report

Becoming A Global Leader - In 2010, Ochsner cared for more than 336,000 patients, who came from 26 countries, with 2,388 Ochsner and community physicians, 12,500 dedicated employees, from 50 facilities including 8 hospitals, and more than 38 health centers, together as 1 integrated health system, working towards 1 Vision.

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2009 Annual Report

We live in a time of major change in the healthcare field. Our 2009 annual report provides an overview of our system-wide growth and the progress our teams have made in many areas. This year, we refined our identity as an organization with a clear sense of current purpose and future aspirations. As part of this process, we revised our mission and vision statements to ensure that they align with our core values, inform our current activities and direct our future. Our mission and vision statements are our foundation for growth.

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2008 Annual Report

2008 marks the close of another remarkable chapter in our Ochsner story. Despite the tough economic times, our entire Ochsner family pulled together to make a positive difference in the lives of people every day. Investments in our network of community hospitals and neighborhood health centers and a growing international outreach program, have been vital in bringing the Ochsner standard of exceptional healthcare and lasting value to our community.

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2007 Annual Report

Ochsner means life-saving medical care, life-changing education, once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities and life-long partnerships dedicated to a healthier, stronger region. In countless ways, Ochsner makes a positive difference in the lives of people.
That has been Ochsner’s legacy through more than 60 years of service, and that is Ochsner. . .Now.

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