Newsletter for December 2011

  • More Than You Bargained For

    Image CaptionShoppers can pick up much more than the hottest new toy on Black Friday or any other day spent perusing the aisles.  Cold and flu viruses can lurk on many common surfaces in stores, making shopping a potentially dangerous activity.

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  • Latest Mammogram and Pap Smear Studies

    Image CaptionRecent studies are changing the way doctors and patients view how often women should undergo tests for breast and cervical cancer.  The American Cancer Society has been advising women over 40 to undergo annual mammograms for the last two decades, but a new study by a government task force calls for breast cancer screenings every two years starting at age 50.

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  • Holidays: A Pain in the Back?

    Image CaptionWith trees to set up, lights to hang, boxes to bring down from the attic and luggage to carry as relatives arrive, the holidays can be a pain in the neck and the lower back

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