Newsletter for June 2011

  • Sunglasses Safety

    Sunglass SafetyWhile a pair of flashy sunglasses may make you look like a Hollywood star, shades can also protect your eyes from the lasting effects of sun damage. Ochsner Medical Center Director of Pediatric Optometry Dr. Kefla Brown said long-term exposure to the sun can have a cumulative effect on the eyes.

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  • Vitamins from a Healthy Diet

    Vitamins from a healthy dietWhile multivitamins have become increasingly popular over the past few decades, most vitamins should come from a healthy and balanced diet. Ochsner family medicine physician Dr. Chad Braden said maintaining a healthy diet is the key to proper vitamin intake.

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  • Sports Injuries and Arthritis

    Sports Injuries and ArthritisWhat begins as a minor ankle sprain or pulled muscle on the practice field can turn out to have lasting effects without proper treatment. Ochsner Medical Center - Baton Rouge head of orthopedics Dr. Bruce Monaco said even small injuries can accumulate over time.

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