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Application Status - Additional Information

Status  Description 
Application received.  Your application has been received and will be reviewed by Human Resources. 
Application forwarded.  Your application has been forwarded to the hiring manager for review. 
Candidate interviews in progress.  The Interview team is assessing the pool of candidates. 
Candidate interview completed.  Your interview has been completed. 
Candidate withdrew.  You have withdrawn from the application process. 
Final candidate selection in progress.  Final candidate selection is taking place. 
Job Requisition has been canceled.  We apologize, but this position has been canceled.  
Manager review completed.  The Hiring Manager has reviewed your application. 
Matched to a position.  Your application has been matched to a current job opening.  
No longer under consideration  Another candidate has been selected for this position.  
Proceed to hiring manager review.  Your application has been forwarded to the Hiring Manager for review. 
Review completed.  A review of your application has been completed by Human Resources. 
Under further review.  Your application is under further review by Human Resources. 


How to Check Your Application Status

1. Click on the External Candidate button if you are not a current Ochsner employee.

Click on the Internal Candidate button if you ARE a current Ochsner employee.

2. Click on "Sign In".

3. Log into the system.

You are now signed in!

4. Click on "My Jobpage".

You can now review the status of your application.

5. Click on the status link for more details.

You can now review the full status description.


6. To sign out of the system, click "Sign Out".