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Administrative Fellow Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job expectations of Administrative Fellows?
In order to accomplish the core competencies within each rotation, a defined set of objectives has been created for each department a Fellow will visit. These objectives indicate the content and timeframe covered and allocated to each area. For additional information, refer to the formal job posting for Administrative Fellows on the Ochsner Human Resources Career website.

Can fellows influence their rotation decisions?
The Fellowship has been structured in order to achieve core competencies and experiences defined by program coordinators. Upon completion of the defined set of capabilities, fellows are encouraged to develop and experience additional interests within the organization. Before beginning their rotations, Fellows will be asked to identify specific areas of interest and/ or particular assignments they would like to experience before the completion of their program. Organizational needs will be matched with individual interest according to resource availability and program development.

Upon what selection criteria are fellowship applicants evaluated?
The Administrative Fellowship program seeks candidates who possess a combination of academic and professional achievements. Specific attributes include:

  • Professional Skills: Experience, Graduate Transcripts, Rapport, Job Related Knowledge, Leadership/ Managerial Potential
  • Personal Attributes

What are the benefits of completing a 24 month fellowship program?
Ochsner Health System is a multifaceted organization which requires adequate exposure within the system to achieve a meaningful Fellowship experience. This predetermined amount of time allows the opportunity to foster professional development and apply a working knowledge acquired throughout the duration of the program. During the course of the Fellowship, Fellows will have the opportunity to develop various skill sets that will lay the foundation for future positions. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Fellows should be able to draw upon their experiences to help formulate their leadership style, taking from those individuals who have helped develop them.

Is this a full-time, benefits eligible, paid position?
Yes. The Administrative Fellowship offers a competitive salary and benefits package for the duration of the 24 month rotation.

Does Ochsner sponsor H-1 Visa's for International Applicants?
Ochsner reserves the sponsorship of H-1 Visas to our medical staff and does not sponsor Administrative Fellows citizenship.

What is a personal statement?
A personal statement is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the Fellowship application review committee and bring attention to things that don't appear on a resume or transcript. A comprehensive personal statement should include rationale behind your decision to enter a career in healthcare and why you are specifically interested in pursuing a career at Ochsner. There is no page limitation, but the typical personal statement is one-page long.

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