iLab Student Outreach Laboratory


The iLab was developed as an additional resource and training laboratory for schools in our community.  It hosts student groups from middle school to college throughout the year.


  • Schedule a field trip for Ochsner employees to instruct students on lab technique and genetic theory
  • Reserve space to teach your own laboratory curriculum in a fully-equipped space
  • Use the iLab as an extension of the resources you already have

The Bubble Gum Mystery

The iLab's outreach efforts were originally expanded to include its own lab curriculum thanks to a generous $5,000 gift awarded to Academic Outreach by Cox Charities. Dr. Jawed Alam, Outreach Scientific Director and AVP for Research, developed a forensic experiment for students that teaches students about DNA and how to work with professional laboratory equipment, properly use a pipette, run DNA samples on a gel, and look deeper into investigative science.  Students learn the practical uses of DNA analysis by performing their own gel electrophoresis in a fun setting with their classmates.

The iLab Bubble Gum Mystery is a free, specialized field trip that can accommodate classes as large as 32 students.

What are teachers saying?

“The students raved over the experience. They enjoyed the hands-on lab activities. It was a great review for the concepts taught in class. I highly recommend this field trip to other life science or biology teachers."
Leslie Nick, Meisler Middle School

“Your program gave the students the opportunity to see how science really works! The staff did an excellent job. They were kind, informative, helpful, and very supportive."
Jim Klein, St. Edward the Confessor School

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