Childhood Health

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is a national literacy program designed to encourage parents to read to children and promote literacy, which can help identify developmental delays and promote overall healthy growth. Under Ochsner's Reach Out and Read program, pediatricians encourage parents to participate in the program by giving infant, toddler and preschool pediatric patients a free, developmentally and culturally appropriate book and encouraging parents to read it to their children. Not only is this a tool for children in literacy development, it also allows physicians to further gauge the child's ability to remember stories, count and eventually to read.  Reach Out and Read is available at all Ochsner Pediatric sites.

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Bee Fit Program

Ochsner and the Hornets have partnered to launch the Ochsner Bee Fit program designed to teach the importance of physical fitness and nutrition in an effort to fight childhood obesity. The online component of the program features demonstration videos with Hornets’ players and Elmwood Fitness Center trainers, recipes for healthy, kid-friendly meals and tips to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Ochsner and the Hornets host Fit for Life Field Days featuring organized outdoor activities that teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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I Can Do It/On the Move

The I Can Do It! childhood obesity initiative began in 2001 at Ochsner's Elmwood Fitness Center as a program to help at-risk children due to obesity and inactivity adopt healthy lifestyles. In 2007, Ochsner launched its customized mobile fitness unit On the Move to travel the region encouraging healthy nutrition and active lifestyles for all children. On the Move includes strength and cardiovascular circuit workouts, nutrition lectures, and heart-healthy cooking classes and demonstrations by Elmwood's executive chef Marc Gilberti, and is designed to teach parents and kids how to incorporate healthier foods and behaviors into their lifestyle. On the Move engages more than 9,000 children per year at area schools during regularly scheduled visits.

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