STAR 2015

Congratulations to the STAR Class of 2015!

  • Razan Badr: Riverdale High School
  • Christian Barrow: East Saint John High
  • Sybil Duncan: Notre Dame Catholic High School
  • Rabiya   Farooqui: Grace King High School
  • Emily Gonzales: Mount Carmel Academy
  • Leonardo Gutierrez: Bonnabel High School
  • Maria Heredia: Grace King High School
  • Tirzah Howard: East Jefferson High School
  • Matthew  Letendre: Ruston High School
  • Isabelle Mays: Ruston High School
  • Tyrus Norcise: Jesuit High School
  • Charlotte Pearson: Ben Franklin High School
  • Aimee Rodwig: Mandeville High School
  • Jessica Tran: Ben Franklin High School
  • Ariel Walker:  Patrick F Taylor
  • Olivia Whitcomb: St. Mary's Dominican High School

The 2015 STAR Program will run Monday, June 22 through Tuesday, July 21, 8:00am – 4:00pm. The Culmination Ceremony (attendance is required) will be Thursday, July 23.

Click here to download a brochure about the STAR Program.

The applications process has 3 steps:

  1. Submit complete Application
  2. Top 25% will be advanced to an interview with the STAR Administration
  3. Selected students will be required to attend Acceptance Day with a parent and commit to their position as a 2015 STAR Scholar.

There will be 6 interview dates, each with 5 interview appointments available for scheduling. 3 Days will have interviews between 1 and 3:30 pm and 3 days will have interviews between 3 and 5:30pm.

2 Alternates will be selected and notified if they have moved into a Scholar Position after round 3 of the application process is completed.

STAR Community Health Project

The 2015 STAR Program will include the STAR Community Health Project. The STAR Community Health Project will require all STAR Scholars to participate in or create a new project or program in their community or school during the school year following their STAR Program. Students will be required to address a need that they see in their school or community. Students can either take a leadership role in an existing project to move that project forward, OR they can create a whole new project or program that meets a need that they see needs attention. The Ochsner STAR Administration will act as mentors, connectors and guides to help students to be successful in this endeavor. This will be a requirement of the STAR Program and the 2015 STAR Application Essay gives the students an opportunity to explain their idea.

Important 2015 Dates

  • Wednesday, March 18: STAR Applications Due by 4:00pm
  • April 14-April 23: Interviews for students selected to the 2nd round of the application process
  • Thursday, May 7: Acceptance Day for students accepted to the 2015 STAR Program
  • Wednesday, May 27: STAR 2015 Meet & Greet for Students and Parents accepted to the program
  • Monday June 22 – Tuesday, July 21: 2015 STAR Program
  • Thursday, July 23: 2015 STAR Program Culmination

Important Application Information

- STAR Applications will only be accepted by in-person drop off, or through the mail. Click here for a Map to the Community Outreach Office drop–off location; Community Outreach Office at the Tansey Building, 1319 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70121

- STAR Applications will only be reviewed if they are COMPLETE and submitted in 1 large envelope; incomplete applications will not be reviewed; Application components WILL NOT be accepted individually

- STAR Applications must be received by March 18, 4:00pm. NOT postmarked by March 18, 4:00pm. If you are planning to mail your application, it is best to do so via certified mail. If you cannot send the application via certified mail, you should make sure to send it more than 2 weeks before the due date and call the STAR Administration Office to check on its receipt.

- You should speak to your recommenders well in advance of turning in your application and make sure that they submit 2 Recommendation Forms and 1 letter in the envelope they give to the student to include in the application submission.