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Together we can all be someone who advances the fight against cancer in our community.

You, too, can be that someone. The someone who makes a life saving difference for members of our community who are suffering from the devastating effects of cancer.

In Louisiana, cancer is a heavy burden. Nearly 21,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in our state last year, according to the American Cancer Society, and almost 8,500 people lost their lives to the disease. Cancer mortality rates in our region significantly outpace the national average, making the Ochsner Cancer Institute's goal to provide the most advanced cancer care available more critical than ever.

More than 11,000 new cancer patients are seen each year by the world-class providers of the Ochsner Cancer Institute, and their diagnoses comprise virtually every known type of cancer. As a non-profit healthcare system, we fight cancer in our community by offering a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to cancer care, focusing not only on diagnosis and treatment but prevention, research and education.

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Your support is essential! Please make a donation.
Patients suffering today and those who lost their battle against this devastating disease are our loved ones, our friends and our neighbors. Chances are you probably know someone with cancer and understand the heavy burden of this disease. But even if you don't, you can be that someone who can do something about it.

Ochsner Cancer Institute

Your generous donation to the Ochsner Cancer Institute will make it possible for us to:

  • Save even more lives with the latest medical technology for cancer prevention, detection and treatment
  • Provide outstanding comprehensive and compassionate cancer care through best-in-class research and clinical trials
  • Help cancer patients in financial need through assistance programs that help to offset the expense of cancer treatment
  • Offer outstanding community, patient and staff education and outreach programs
  • And much, much more

Please donate to the Ochsner Cancer Institute and be that someone who gives the gift of hope to cancer patients and their families right here at home.

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Pancreatic Cancer Fund

The Shirley P. and James Wray Bush Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Fund benefits the pancreatic cancer program at the Ochsner Cancer Institute.

Through this fund, basic science and clinical research programs are supported.  Specifically, the Bush Fund Supports the use of tumor specimens from the Ochsner Biospecimen Repository to look at cellular pathways in pancreatic cancer that may become targets for therapy, and multiple clinical trials including the use of a pancreatic cancer vaccine for patients that have had their tumor surgically removed. An exciting development in the clinical work this fund supports is the use of robotic surgery for pancreatic tumor removal. 

W. Charles Conway II MD, FACS recently performed the first totally robotic Whipple procedure in Louisiana. Patients can benefit by having this type of operation performed in a minimally invasive fashion, which results in reduced post-operative pain and a shorter recovery period.

All of these initiatives would not be possible without generous support of donors.

Through this fund, we are growing and developing a patient-centered, world class pancreatic cancer treatment program.
To donate to this fund, please click here.

The Ochsner Cancer Institute: Gifts of Gratitude Program

Honor your provider – Ochsner Cancer Institute Gifts of Gratitude Program

Daughter and Dad

Patients and families, grateful for our outstanding cancer care, often look for a way to express their thanks.

At Ochsner, we offer patients, their families, friends and neighbors the opportunity to show their gratitude for compassionate care through the Ochsner Cancer Institute Gifts of Gratitude Program. Your gift will recognize the doctor or other healthcare provider(s) who took a few extra moments to show you how much they care. Perhaps a life saving procedure gave the future back to your family.

A gift to our Gifts of Gratitude Program is also a special way to help the Ochsner Cancer Institute grow, enhance services and meet the numerous healthcare needs of cancer patients in our community. Your donation will support and advance  exceptional medical care today...and tomorrow.

Those honored through the Gifts of Gratitude Program will receive a custom crafted lapel pin and a card informing them of your thoughtfulness, without mentioning the amount of your gift. 

Honor or remember a loved one

A gift to the Ochsner Cancer Institute is a thoughtful way to remember or honor a loved one. While making your donation, please indicate whom we should notify of your memorial or honorary gift, and they will receive a personal note informing them of your thoughtfulness, without mentioning the amount of your gift.

Together We Can... all be someone who advances the fight against cancer in our community.
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