Pathway to Wellness

As a more robust, comprehensive wellness solution, Ochsner has developed “Pathway to Wellness,” which will be customized for your organization.

Pathway to Wellness components include:

Wellness Program Management and Portal

Pathway To Wellness, Ochsner Employer Health Solutions

We will partner with your organization to design a three-year wellness strategy, including a wellness operating plan, implementation of quarterly activity challenges, navigating employees in scheduling their medical care, and guidance for your Wellness Committee.

Through this comprehensive program, your employer will have access to the Virgin Pulse portal, which uses pedometers to validate employees' daily activity. Also available is the Health Zone, which is a tool to help measure blood pressure, weight, and BMI.

You will also have a part time Wellness Coordinator to help you create a culture of wellness and help implement the Wellness Program.

On-site Biometrics

To help employees identify potential health problems through on-site measurements of health factors such as cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and nurse consultation.

Health Risk Assessment, Risk Stratification and Reporting

We help each employee learn about his or her health status through an online health risk assessment. The resulting health status is determined through employee biometric data along with employee responses to questions about health behaviors and habits. The online program also provides aggregate data on organizational health trends and shows percentages of employees that are low, medium, or high risk for developing chronic illnesses. Our wellness coordinator and health coaches will partner with you to determine intervention strategies and improve your company’s wellness strategy.

Health Coaching

Ochsner has built a staff of health coaches by matching medical expertise and training to the need of your employees. Four of the top five risk factors of our coaching participants are diet, weight, physical inactivity, stress and high blood pressure. To respond to those risks, our coaches have a dietetics or nursing background and are organized into teams that can be matched to address your individual needs.Our health coaches have earned a four-year degree in a health science or health promotion field and have obtained a license in their field of practice.
The knowledge of our health coaches only makes up part of the equation in helping someone change their lifestyle or habits. To help someone change a negative behavior, such as smoking, takes more than a health degree. Our health coaches go beyond mastering health as a science-they understand health as a behavior. Our health coaches will help you:
  • understand the value of your good health
  • address resistance to change
  • set short and long term goals 
  • build and sustain a supportive environment
  • overcome challenging obstacles
  • celebrate successes

Wellness Workshops/Challenges

We will provide various challenges on exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress, and smoking cessation, including:

  • 2 Virgin Pulse Wide Quest Challenges per year
  • 2 Corporate-based challenges per year
  • Monthly individual challenges
  • Personal challenges as required

Learn about the Virgin Pulse program


Ochsner’s quarterly “Hello Health at Work” seminars are presented by physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and other health professionals on topics of interest. These topics can be tailored to what is most appropriate for your company’s specific health risks.

In addition, we will provide electronic monthly newsletters and articles addressing monthly health topics, specific risks, and points of interest as requested.

Nurse Navigation and Physician Appointment Scheduling

A registered nurse is available 24/7 to answer health care questions, as well as helping your employees schedule their appointments.

Incentive Design and Implementation

Your wellness coordinator will help to develop an incentive program that will help to develop an employer contribution and incentive program, which can be used to reduce employees’ insurance premiums, or other types of incentives, such as gift cards.

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Pathway to Wellness

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