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As health care costs continue to soar, employeers are balancing tough decisions.

Many employeers are trying to maintain an engaged and productive workforce, while balancing tough decisions as related to health care. Let Virgin Pulse and Ochsner Health System help you create a culture of prevention that saves you money and reinforces personal responsibility and healthy choices among your employees. We’ll help them make measurable improvements to their overall health to help you lower health and disability costs, and increase productivity. 

Virgin Pulse is an industry leading provider of employee health and activity programs that pay people to get active. Ochsner currently serves over 100 area companies providing wellness services at the worksite.

Our award-winning, Pay-for-PreventionTM approach, based on physical activity and healthy lifestyle change, attracts an average of 40% of employees who participate in the program regularly, which helps organizations reduce medical costs and improve employee productivity and satisfaction. We excel in getting members engaged and active in the process of being healthy so they can make measurable changes to their health. The result is greater productivity and lower long-term health care costs, which boost the company's bottom line.

In the midst of today's challenges, leading employers continue to turn to Virgin Pulse for their prevention and cost reduction initiatives. Virgin Pulse currently serves over 100 leading companies, representing more than 500,000 employees in the U.S.

Science Made Simple

Virgin Pulse provides effective, activity-based programs grounded in evidence-based science.

We guide members through increasing their activity in a fun and engaging way so they can focus on the activities they enjoy. The program's Reward Levels reinforce the CDC's recommended activity levels; at Level 3 and beyond, employees are considered to be ‘active' individuals.

Our Science Advisory Board, comprised of leading experts in the fields of physical activity, exercise science, health behavior, health promotion, psychology and epidemiology, oversees the program's ongoing development and ensures the program features the most up-to-date scientific research.

Create a Pay-For-PreventionTM Culture

Good health begins with personal responsibility and decisions that will help prevent the development of chronic diseases.

According to the CDC, inactivity impacts 40% of the cost of lifestyle-related chronic diseases and has a significant impact on productivity and medical costs even before chronic conditions develop:

With Virgin Pulse' Pay-for-PreventionTM approach, you can create benefits programs that emphasize personal responsibility and healthy behavior.  This approach creates a culture of prevention that not only rewards the right behaviors, but also aligns your interests and those of your employees in order to drive down lifestyle-related health care costs.

Virgin Pulse can serve as your stand-alone wellness program or play a central role in your existing wellness initiatives. Ochsner can assist with the development of a customized program to include wellness seminars, health screenings and healthy menu choices.

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Pathway to Wellness

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