Civil Service

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Civil Service Basics

This six-hour introductory workshop is for anyone in human resources, administration, or management who is new to or unfamiliar with Louisiana Civil Service regulations. This workshop presents the basic Civil Service information in a way that is direct, practical, and useable by anyone performing human resources duties in an agency.

To register for a training date, follow the normal CPTP class registration procedures by contacting the LJCMC Human Resources Department at (985) 873-1855.

Lasers Prep

(Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System Pre-retirement Education Program)

Louisiana State Employees are invited to learn about retirement planning through this LASERS PREP program. Refer to the Lasers Prep information contained within the LSU Hospitals Web Site.

Louisiana Driver Safety Program

Personnel driving personal or state vehicles for business travel shall complete the Defensive Driving course provided through the Office of Risk Management (ORM). A refresher course shall also be taken once every three years.

The Louisiana Driver Safety Program is assigned by the agency's Safety and Risk Management Officer to LSU HCSD employees through MC Strategies.

Contact the LJCMC Safety and Risk Management Department at (985)873-1206 for more information or to participate in and complete this training. This training is not valid until the course certificate is signed by and all paperwork is on file with the Safety Officer.