C.P.T.P. - Comprehensive Public Training Program

The Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) is the state-funded training program for Louisiana State Employees. Through CPTP, agencies are offered management development and supervisory training, and general application classes on topics as diverse as writing skills and computer software usage.

To register for classes, complete a CPTP class registration form and send it to the CPTP coordinator in Human Resources. The forms can be downloaded from the CPTP web site. Participants will receive written confirmation of attendance approximately three weeks before the course begins. All classes meet from 8:15am to 3:30pm, unless specifically stated otherwise.

CPTP computer-based training courses are provided through MindLeaders. MindLeaders courses are available for self-enrollment in MC Strategies.

Mandatory Training

Issue Date: February 19, 2008

The Mandatory Training Policy has been updated. The new policy was approved by the Civil Service Commission on January 8, 2008 became effective on July 1, 2008. This action cancels and supersedes the changes that were initially planned for implementation on July 1, 2007. A brief summary of the policy changes is provided below. For full details, please refer to the HR Handbook.

Summary of Changes

  • The name of the program has been changed from “Mandatory Supervisory Training” to “Minimum Supervisory Training Requirements”.
  • Only one policy will be in effect at a time. Supervisors who have not completed their mandatory training requirements by June 30, 2008, will be required to complete the newly implemented training requirements.
  • There will be three Supervisory Groups (1, 2, & 3). Supervisory Group 1 classes will be targeted to specific audiences.
  • Classes will be offered and advertised identifying whether the focus will be on traditional or non-traditional supervisory level jobs. Agency training coordinators will be responsible for ensuring that employees enroll in the classes that best meet their needs.
  • A broader selection of course options for Supervisory Groups 2 and 3 is now available. This will allow supervisors to take courses that best meet their learning and development needs and align with the agency’s business needs.

A list of the job titles in each Supervisory Group and a chart showing the classes required are available on the Civil Service website at www.civilservice.la.gov. If you have questions, please contact the LJCMC CPTP Coordinator in Human Resources by phone at (985) 873-1279.