I.M.A.B. (Interventions and Management in Aggressive Behavior)

The safety and security of our staff and clients is paramount. The acute healthcare environment can be both dynamic and volatile. Emotions run high and the risk of violence or the threat of violence is inherent. To better prepare our staff to remain safe in such a situation, the LSU Hospital system has adopted the Intervention and Management in Aggressive Behavior (IMAB) program.

Leonard J Chabert Medical Center began this training in July 2007 and thus far it has been quite successful. Staff is scheduled for class according to a risk exposure list compiled by the Workplace Violence Committee. Supervisors are notified in advance for class scheduling.

The initial class is a 12-hour course. An annual 4-hour renewal course is also required. Registration for IMAB Classes is through W.I.L.M.A. All IMAB classes are held in the Education Building.

Notice to Participants

Come prepared to perform physical maneuvers utilizing a wide range of motions and close physical contact with other employees.

Martial arts mats are used for your safety when maneuvering to and on the floor.

Suggested attire: loose, comfortable clothing and tennis shoes; NO shorts or dresses/skirts; NO backless or slip-on shoes; limit jewelry.
Wear deodorant. You may want to bring extra deodorant for re-application.
Those with physical limitations should bring a medical explanation of limitations and be prepared to participate.

You must attend the entire scheduled course for credit.


For more information about IMAB e-mail or call (985) 873-1819.