Newly-hired employees of LJCMC and its affiliates are provided with General Hospital Orientation. General Hospital Orientation is scheduled through the Human Resources Department. The class is held in the Education Department and begins at 7:00am and ends at 3:30pm. Proper uniform or business attire should be worn—no shorts. A light jacket may be needed as the room temperature tends to remain cool.

Additionally, Nursing Services healthcare providers are provided with a General Orientation to their employment. This phase of orientation begins at the conclusion of General Hospital Orientation.

All Hospital employees will receive a department-specific and job-specific orientation. This phase of orientation begins upon the first day in the employees’ respective departments.

We at LJCMC realize that new employees value and require a planned, structured, and thorough orientation that begins upon hire and ends when the new employee has met all of the orientation objectives and can perform the job with confidence and competence.