Web In-Service (W.I.L.M.A. & Mosby’s Skills)

The LSU hospitals provides for its employees and affiliate staff web based education and training. Staff is strongly encouraged to visit their respective web-based homepage regularly to remain current with lessons assigned. To access the log-in page, go to webinservice.com/lsu.

Assigned lessons should be completed during work hours.

Self-enrollment lessons are available. Lessons offering CE will specify this fact at the beginning of the module. All lessons within the module must be complete before a CE certificate will be awarded.

Mosby’s Nursing Skills is a wonderful reference tool to use during patient care. It offers text, quick facts, step-by-step instructions, equipment lists, and patient education as well as information straight out of the Mosby’s text. To log on to Mosby’s, go to http://www.nursingskills.com/lsuhealthcare-labatonrouge/.

For questions or concerns regarding Web In-Service, call the Education Department at (985) 873-1819 or email us. Your answer may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.