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Urges Caution in Cleanup Efforts and Requests Employees to Return to Work

Baton Rouge, LA - Ochsner Medical Center - Baton Rouge (I-12 at O'Neal Lane) has remained open throughout Hurricane Gustav and, although it has lost city power, is fully functioning on generator power and will remain open to service the entire community. The hospital currently has 100 inpatients.

"Our staff joined together and demonstrated remarkable teamwork in order to better serve our patients," says Mitch Wasden, CEO of the Ochsner Baton Rouge region. He credits, "Our experience as a system during Hurricane Katrina taught us to prepare; we pre-positioned a generator to keep our facility fully powered throughout this event and had constant computer access, including to our electronic medical records systems, computers and air conditioners."

Wasden goes on to say, "Ochsner's Electronic Medical Records were extremely helpful in managing emergency room visits throughout the day and night as it provided physicians the ability to determine if patients had pre-existing conditions or additional symptoms and treat those patients faster."

Ochsner will continue to see every patient that comes to the campus; however, Wasden urges residents to take precautions over the next couple of days during cleanup efforts.

"We are seeing a tremendous amount of orthopedic injuries, cuts, lacerations, broken bones. Please be careful as you begin cleanup efforts," says Wasden.
"As part of Ochsner's emergency plan, Team A employees report to the hospital to ride out the storm and Team B employees follow-up afterwards to relieve Team A," explains Wasden. "At this time we are asking all Ochsner Medical Center - Baton Rouge Clinical Team B members to report to work for their regular scheduled shift tomorrow, Tuesday, September 2 at 6:45 pm."

"We anticipate reopening our Ochsner Bluebonnet clinic location by the end of this week," says Wasden. "However, at this time, all Ochsner clinics remain closed: Ochsner Health Center - Denham Springs, Ochsner Health Center - Mid City, Ochsner Health Center - O'Neal, and Ochsner Health Center - Prairieville.

For more information, visit http://www.ochsner.org/ or the media may visit http://www.ochsnerpr.blogspot.com/ for additional updates.

About Ochsner Baton Rouge: Ochsner Medical Center - Baton Rouge is a 200-bed hospital offering a comprehensive array of inpatient and outpatient services including cardiopulmonary, emergency, oncology, radiology and imaging, and same-day surgery.  Ochsner's Baton Rouge services include five health centers with more than 100 healthcare providers and 1,000 employees.  (http://www.ochsner.org/)

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