Not Your Mother's Mammography

Image Caption Statistics show that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer within their lifetime. In addition to self breast exams, routine mammograms are the single most important steps that a woman can take in the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. Many of Ochsner's locations are making these efforts easier by offering state-of-the-art digital mammography. From a patient's perspective, digital mammography feels identical to conventional screening but takes less than half the time of traditional film-based exams. "With this technology, we can magnify images, increase or decrease the contrast and invert the black and white values allowing us to evaluate micro-calcifications and focus on areas of concern," explains John Flannery, Director of Radiology at Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital.

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In addition to new imaging technology, Ochsner also introduces its new cancer screening clinics in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The Ochsner Cancer Screening Clinics are comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialty-trained physicians, oncology nurses, clinical researchers and many others who specialize in the comprehensive management of patients with all types of cancer based upon National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. For more information on the Ochsner Cancer Screening Clinics, click here.

With awareness, better screening tools and always-improving treatment options, breast cancer patients have more reason than ever for hope.