Measures Related to Pneumonia Care

How Effective Ochsner Health System Treats Pneumonia

Pneumonia measures

Pneumonia Care: Percent of pneumonia patients who received all recommended treatments based on their clinical condition:

  • Pneumoccocal Vaccination: Pneumonia inpatients age 65 and older who were screened for pneumococcal vaccine status and were administered the vaccine prior to discharge, if indicated. (Source: CMS)Blood Cultures Performed in the Emergency Department Prior to Initial
  • Antibiotic Received in Hospital: Percent of pneumonia patients whose initial emergency room blood culture specimen was collected prior to first hospital dose of antibiotics. (Source: CMS)
  • Adult Smoking Cessation Advice/Counseling: Percent of pneumonia patients who received smoking cessation advice/counseling. (Source: CMS)
  • Initial Antibiotic within 6 Hours: Percent of pneumonia patients who receive an antibiotic within 6 hours of arrival to the hospital. (Source: CMS)
  • Initial Antibiotic Selection: Percent of immunocompetent patients with pneumonia who receive an initial antibiotic regimen that is consistent with current guidelines. (Source: CMS)
  • Influenza Vaccination: Percent of pneumonia patients age 50 years and older, hospitalized during October, November, December, January, or February who were screened for influenza vaccine status and were vaccinated prior to discharge, if indicated. (Source: CMS)