Patient Safety

Your Safety Matters

Patient safety depends on open and honest communication  between patients and providers. Please support us in keeping all patients safe from medical harms.
Our Commitment to Patients
1. To always tell you the truth.
2. To listen and answer your questions.
3. To provide you information that you understand.
4. To treat you with respect, honesty and compassion.
5. To include you as a member of the team.
6. To respect your right to your own medical information.
7. To respect your privacy and the privacy of your medical information.
8. To help you set goals for your healthcare and treatment plans.
9. To use two patient identifiers to ensure safe and effective healthcare delivery.
10. To provide you information for informed decisions about your care and treatment.
What We Ask of Patients
1. To always tell us the truth.
2. To give us the information we need to treat you.
3. To learn all you can about your condition.
4. To tell us if you have trouble reading.
5. To ask questions when you do not understand something.
6. To tell us what medications you are taking and if your health changes.
7. To respect the commitment we have made to your healthcare and healing.
8. To participate in decisions about your care.
9. To tell us when we are not honoring your commitment to you.
10. To let us know if you have family or friends to help you with your healthcare.
Click here to download a patient safety handout.