Digestive Health

Too many of us simply live with digestive disorders instead of treating them. In less than 15 minutes, Ochsner Health System professionals can provide valuable information about dietary plans and other digestive health topics.


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Podcasts: Digestive Health

Got 15 minutes? Tune in to episodes from the Ochsner On Air library of Community Health Podcasts and listen to highly qualified Ochsner Health System team members talk about the health issues that affect you. Whether you want to know more about breast cancer, joint health, pregnancy issues or general health concerns, select Ochsner podcasts to hear complex topics covered in an easy to understand, straightforward manner - in 15 minutes or less.

Recent Podcasts

Bariatric Surgery

By William Richardson, MD

Dr. Richardson discusses the bariatric surgery, also known as surgical weight loss procedures.  The latest advancements in bariatric surgery are done laparoscopically meaning the surgery is less invasive for the patient.  This can lead to a faster recovery time and less complications. Good candidates have to follow very stringent guidelines and most importantly be ready to make a significant lifestyle change with the goal of loosing weight.

Dr. Richardson practices at Ochsner Medical Center. He can be reached at (504) 842-4070.

Breast Cancer

By Sydney Prescott , MSN , NP

One in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. 
Nurse practitioner Sydney Prescott discusses treatment options currently available, what to look for as far as breast changes and the likelihood of men having breast cancer.  In addition, she discusses Ochsner’s free breast cancer support group - Hope Chests.
Sydney Prescott practices at Ochsner Health Center on Summa Avenue and O’Neal Lane and can be reached at 225-761-5410.

Colonoscopies and Colon Cancer

By Aldo Russo , MD

Louisiana ranks higher than the rest of the nation in colon cancer cases, making screening and detection even more important.
A colonoscopy is a common procedure that can determine whether or not a patient has colon cancer.  Ochsner Gastroenterologist Dr. Aldo Russo discusses risk factors for colon cancer.
Dr. Russo practices at Ochsner Health Center on Summa Avenue and O’Neal Lane and can be reached at 225-754-3278.

Colon Cancer and Chemotherapy


Colon cancer is the fourth most common cancer in America.  Early detection through screenings such as occult blood testing and colonoscopies are critical to making sure this common disease is discovered early. 
Dr. Dasgupta discusses the treatment options available for those with colon cancer including surgery and chemotherapy. 
Dr. Dasgupta practices at Ochsner Health Center in Covington and Slidell and can be reached at 985-875-2828.