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To find out more about eye health issues, from nearsightedness to glaucoma, tune in to these podcasts and listen to Ochsner Health System professionals discuss a wide range of topics related to vision and eye health.


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Podcasts: Eye Health

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Recent Podcasts

Pulin Shah: Laser Vision Center

By Pulin Shah , MD

By Pulin Shah, MD
Nov 16, 2010  

Dr. Pulin Shah discusses the Laser Vision Center. There are numerous patient advantages of complete laser vision center.  This center has the latest technology available today.  The Center prides itself on providing comprehensive care all in one place to treat a variety of conditions.  Their goal is to help patients live a life without glasses or contact lens.

Dr. Shah practices at Ochsner Medical Center and Ochsner Baptist Medical Center. He can be reached at (504) 842-3995.