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The study of joint health is a constantly evolving field. Tune in to listen to Ochsner Health System professionals weigh in on sports medicine, orthopedic care and advancements in the treatment of arthritis.


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Podcasts: Joint Health

Got 15 minutes? Tune in to episodes from the Ochsner On Air library of Community Health Podcasts and listen to highly qualified Ochsner Health System team members talk about the health issues that affect you. Whether you want to know more about breast cancer, joint health, pregnancy issues or general health concerns, select Ochsner podcasts to hear complex topics covered in an easy to understand, straightforward manner - in 15 minutes or less.

Recent Podcasts

Ankle Replacement

By Daniel Hake, MD

Dr. Hake discusses total ankle replacement surgery.  Ankle replacement can be needed due to painful arthritic disease or if someone has had a previous ankle fusion. The surgery takes about 3 hours. Recovery starts after the surgery is completed and includes immobilizing the ankle and then a physical therapy program.  The goal after surgery is less pain and increased mobility. Total ankle replacement is not as common as total knee or hip replacement but advancements have been made in the technology. Healthy lifestyles and good weight control are ways to keep your ankles strong and healthy.
Dr. Hake practices at Ochsner Health Center - Covington. He can be reached at (985) 875-2828.

Keith Melancon: heat and sports injuries

Nov 16, 2010  

Dr. Keith Melancon discusses heat and sports injuries. The heat during a Louisiana summer can affect athletes and those playing or working outside. Hydration is essential during these times and can help people avoid injuries.  Stay hydrated though out the day and try to avoid caffeine, as it can dehydrate you.  While you are outside keep water available and wear loose clothing.  Some people are more at risk for heat related injuries, including those that are obese, have diabetes or a heart condition.  They should take exercise caution during long periods of high temperatures.
For more information on sports medicine at Ochsner, click here:

Rheumatology Research

By Stephen Lindsey

, MD

As there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, research trials have led to the discovery of new medications yielding more benefit to patients. 
Ochsner Rheumatologist Dr. Stephen Lindsey discusses how the trials are conducted and which patients might consider participating.
Dr. Stephen Lindsey practices at Ochsner Health Center on Summa Avenue and can be reached at 225-761-5481.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound


Traditional ultrasound, commonly used to monitor a baby’s growth, is now being used to help rheumatology patients by providing a clearer view of the joint when diagnosing and administering treatment.
Ochsner Rheumatologists Bobby Dupre, MD and Sean Shannon, MD discuss how this technology is being used and who might benefit most.
Drs. Dupre and Shannon practice at Ochsner Health Center on Summa Avenue and can be reached at 225-761-5481.