From the latest information on immunizations to how to treat symptoms of the common cold, Ochsner Health System professionals are here to help explain every health issue that could affect your child.


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Podcasts: Pediatrics

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Recent Podcasts

Childhood Illnesses

By Jennifer Hogan , MD

The common cold is just that - common.  There are more than one billion colds in the US every year with children averaging three to eight colds per year. 
Ochsner Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Hogan discusses how to reduce cold symptoms and other childhood illnesses such as stomach bugs and whooping cough.
Dr. Hogan practices at Ochsner Health Center on Summa Avenue and can be reached at 225-761-5405.

Childhood Immunizations

By Tracie Carter , MD

Childhood immunizations are designed to stimulate an immune response which makes the body create antibodies it can then use if exposed again. 
These immunizations undergo intense testing for both effectiveness and safety before they are released to physicians’ offices.  Dr. Carter discusses why it is important for parents to ensure that their children receive the needed immunizations at the designated time.
Dr. Carter practices at Ochsner Health Center in Slidell and can be reached at 985-639-3755.

Today’s Teen Girl

By Kendra Michael , MD

Today’s teen girls face a barrage of media images and messages that can wreak havoc on their self esteem.  Parents can help their teen girl by talking with their daughter about these images and fostering positive self esteem.  Even though it may seem that girls are developing faster, Dr. Michael says physiologically girls are still developing at the same rate, which traditionally begins at age nine. 
Learn more about what you need to know when raising a teen girl including information on the HPV vaccine, what to look for as signs of an eating disorder and what the most common medical issues are for young girls. 
Dr. Michael practices at Ochsner Health Center in Prairieville and can be reached at 225-744-1111.