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Our Women’s Health podcasts cover a wide range of health issues facing women of all ages. Tune in to hear Ochsner Health System professionals weigh in on a number of topics, ranging from childbirth to the health concerns of teenage girls.


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Podcasts: Women's Health

Got 15 minutes? Tune in to episodes from the Ochsner On Air library of Community Health Podcasts and listen to highly qualified Ochsner Health System team members talk about the health issues that affect you. Whether you want to know more about breast cancer, joint health, pregnancy issues or general health concerns, select Ochsner podcasts to hear complex topics covered in an easy to understand, straightforward manner - in 15 minutes or less.

Recent Podcasts

Postpartum Depression

By Vu Vuong, MD

Dr. Vuong discusses the symptoms of postpartum depression.  It is a common condition and between 5-10% of women have symptoms. It is an under recognized condition. The symptoms include fatigue, low energy, irritability, and crying spells. These symptoms are the same as clinical depression, but postpartum depression begins within 4 weeks postpartum while clinical depression could start 12 months after delivery. Postpartum depression is more serious than the “baby blues.”

Dr. Vuong practices at Ochsner Medical Center - West Bank. He can be reached at (504) 391-8896.

Tansey Breast Center Accreditation

By Ralph Corsetti, MD

Dr. Corsetti discussed the full accredition of the Ochsner Lieselotte Tansey Breast Center by the National Association for Breast Centers.  This accreditation is beneficial to women seeking treatment of breast disease. At the Breast Center, patients will receive a full spectrum of diagnosis and treatment. The Center includes numerous types of physicians and surgeons, as well as nurses and nurse practitioners, in the field all dedicated to patient care. Counseling, support groups and resources are also available. The Breast Center provides a comprehensive method of care that is coordinated and expedited to provide the best results for the patient.

Dr. Corsetti practices at the Ochsner Lieselotte Tansey Breast Center and Ochsner Medical Center. He can be reached at (504) 842-6406.

Couplet Care

By Cheri Oser, Unit Director for Women and Neonatal Services at Ochsner

Couplet care places the newborn baby in the same hospital room as the room from the time after deliver until discharge from the hospital. This means the same nurse takes care of both the mom and the baby. This process can be very beneficial to both the mom and the newborn baby, with the main benefit being promotion of family bonding time.  The time the mom and baby spend together also helps to start the breastfeeding process. 

For more information on Ochsner Neonatal Services, click here: http://www.ochsner.org/services/neonatology/.


By Frederick Cardwell, MD

Dr. Cardwell discusses hormone replacement therapy as related to menopause in women.

Menopause is defined as the cessation of the menstrual cycle, either due to natural timing or following surgeries or undergoing radiation treatment. The average age a women enters menopause is 51. Perimenopause is also discussed and it is defined as the time when there are fluxuating levels of hormones and the onset symptoms of menopause. Hormone blood tests are not a good indicator of whether a woman is entering menopause. Hormone replacement therapy benefits and risks can be discussed with your healthcare provider. This time is a good time for a woman to assess her overall health and receive the age-appropriate screenings.

Dr. Cardwell practices at Ochsner St. Anne General Women’s Health Center - Raceland,

Ochsner St. Anne General Women’s Health Center - Cut Off, and Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital. He can be reached 1-866-OCHSNER.

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