Working Smarter

Using Epic, physicians, nurses and clinical staff will have real-time access to all of your healthcare information. Our physicians, nurses and clinical staff go out of their way to take the best possible care of you—and that’s a big job. At Ochsner, we are making a significant investment in our technology to bring state-of-the-art EMR software to our clinicians.

Working in Epic means that our physicians, nurses and clinical staff will have every piece of your health information available instantly and in real-time. If you tell your primary care physician about a newly-discovered allergy, for example, as soon as they enter that allergy into Epic, any Ochsner physician you see will know about this allergy as soon as they access your record—whether they are in one of our health centers, medical centers or emergency rooms.

Using Epic also means that your Ochsner physicians will be better able to track your progress and have better information about your conditions. With integrated health reminders and best practice alerts, your physicians can help you stay on track with recommended screenings and preventive health services—keeping you healthier longer.