Tips For Reducing Anxiety

Hurricane Preparedness: Tips For Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety is understandable during a hurricane due to a general lack of control over such events. Everyone needs a stress reduction "fall-back plan." Being aware of your anxiety is the first step in returning to a healthy perspective of the situation.

A few tips for reducing "natural disaster stress" include:

  • Don't feed the frenzy by participating in "what if" conversations.
  • Don't listen to the radio or television on a non-stop basis; rather, check at regular intervals.
  • Be prepared for disasters. Have a pre-determined plan and necessary supplies ready.
  • Try to let your anxiety go; Turn on soft music, watch a funny video, or meditate.
  • Ochsner is here for its employees during hurricane season and we want to have all of your questions answered.

Visit the Get A Game Plan website for more information on hurricane preparedness.