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ONE Perception * ONE Direction * ONE Connection

The Ochsner Information Services Partner Summit is an annual event that brings together technology partners who share:

  • Growth relationship marked by predictable outcomes
  • Mutual dependencies
  • Executive relationships

We believe that with our partners we share strength; a vision; the future.

The program has expanded to include Supply Chain.  We will talk about how we are connected in our efforts to provide the best experience possible for our patients and visitors. The Placemat will return displaying a smaller footprint with more content. And as always, we will share tracking to our three year strategic goals so that we can better achieve them together.  

Join us in November! It is through your continued engagement and support that we innovate technologies in this Ochsner Healhcare System.
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Save the Date

Mid November brings New Orleans cooler weather, less humidity, and the Ochsner IS Partner Summit.

Come early and stay late to enjoy the Crescent City. Just Save the Date to spend with us for the IS Partner Summit!

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Making the impossible happen...

Little Kolby Boudreaux is moving his legs and feet.  While this is something most parents take for granted, for Kolby it's remarkable. He underwent a life-changing surgery at Ochsner Medical Center to correct the myelomeningocele birth defect, the most serious form of spina bifida... 12 weeks before he was born. During a groundbreaking surgery, Ochsner Medical Center's fetal surgery team of 18 physicians and nurses operated on the 23-week-old fetus while still in his mother's uterus, a procedure that fewer than 10 hospitals in the United States are able to perform. [Full story]

Be at the reception to hear how your products and services made a difference


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