Nutrition & Health Education

Family Health & Fitness Night

Plan an afternoon or evening at school where families can participate in fun activities, which promote healthy eating and physical activity.  This can help demonstrate how students, families and the community can eat and play together in a healthy way.

Family Health & Fitness PDF

School Garden

School gardens encourage healthy food choices and are considered an effective way to engage students in active learning because they offer hands-on, real life applications for academic content.

School Garden PDF

Taste Testing Events

Taste testing events can help reinforce healthy eating messages and allow students to experience new and novel foods. New foods enthusiastically supported by students and faculty can be integrated into ongoing meal/snack venue in the school environment.

Taste Test Events PDF

Wellness Week

Wellness Week is a high profile, high energy, festive week filled with student led wellness and nutrition activities held daily during student lunch periods. All activities can be planned and implemented by the students of the School Wellness Council with the larger goal to engage, encourage and inspire other students, faculty and staff to practice and adopt healthy behaviors. 

Wellness Week PDF

Healthy Eating Essay Contest

Conducting a Healthy Eating Essay Contest can be a fun and informative way to engage kids in learning to make better choices about their food and health.  This not only teaches a child about the importance of healthy eating, it also offers the child a chance to practice and improve their writing skills.

Healthy Eating Essay Contest PDF

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