Physical Activity & Physical Education

Enhanced School-based Physical Education

Enhancing physical education (PE) curricula by making classes more active and increasing the amount of time students spend doing moderate or vigorous activity (MVPA) in PE class has shown to improve both health and fitness levels among school-aged children and adolescents.

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Increasing Physical Activity Opportunities throughout the School Day

Students who participate in daily physical activity, can gain health and academic benefits. Regular physical activity breaks can improve attentiveness and concentration in the classroom, enhance cooperation and negotiations skills and help establish social norms for active lifestyles.

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Fitness Assessment

Health related fitness testing is important to assess individual fitness and identify areas for improvement.  Regularly implementing a fitness assessment helps student monitor progress and informs teachers in making appropriate program adjustments.

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Intramurals & Clubs

Intramurals and clubs are a great way to enhance current PE programs and provide additional opportunities for students to increase their physical activity in fun and exciting ways.

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Safe Routes to School

Starting a Safe Routes to School program is an opportunity to make walking and bicycling to school safer and more accessible for children.  This also increases the number of children who choose to walk and bicycle.

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School Walking Routes

This is a way to implement an environmental intervention that will increase opportunity for physical activity throughout the work day in order to reduce the significance of obesity among school personnel.

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