Diagnosis and Treatments

Treatment Options

For patients with premalignant growths or very early cancers, endoscopic ablation or mucosal resection techniques may be suitable and the patient may avoid the need for major surgery. Some patients with low-grade premalignant lesions (low-grade dysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus) can be managed in a surveillance program without the need for intervention.

For all but the most locally advanced cancers, minimally invasive surgical removals are used, often with the assistance of robotic surgical techniques. Our emphasis is on maximizing disease cure rates with good surgical clearance of the primary tumor and surrounding lymph nodes, while focusing on minimizing short-term complication rates and optimizing long-term functional and digestive outcomes.

Radiation therapy is often utilized, especially for esophageal and esophagogastric cancers, and is routinely discussed during multidisciplinary treatment planning.

The esophagogastric tumor team includes medical oncologists with special interest and extensive experience with these cancers. Newer treatment regimens with improved response rates are available.

Excellent Outcomes

There is strong evidence that outcomes are best when performed in centers and by surgeons with a large volume of patient experience, and the surgeons at Ochsner have the highest patient volumes in the Gulf South.

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