Oral Lichen Planus : About

This is an inflammatory disease that affects the skin and the oral mucosa. The cause of lichen planus is not known; however, there are cases of lichen planus-type rashes (known as lichenoid reactions) occurring as allergic reactions to medications for high blood pressure, heart disease and arthritis. Symptoms Itching in a location mild to severe "¢ Skin lesion: o Usually located on the inner areas of the wrist, legs, torso, or genitals o Generalized, with symmetric appearance o Single lesion or clusters of lesions, often at sites of skin trauma o Papule of 2 to 4 cm size o Papules clustered into a plaque or large, flat-topped lesion o Distinct, sharp borders to lesions o Possibly covered with fine white streaks or linear scratch marks called Wickham's striae o Shiny or scaly appearance o Color dark -- reddish-purple (skin) or gray-white (mouth) o Possibility of developing blisters or ulcers "¢ Ridges in the nails (nail abnormalities) "¢ Dry mouth "¢ Metallic taste in the mouth "¢ Mouth lesions o Tender or painful (mild cases may have no discomfort) o Located on the sides of the tongue or the inside of the cheek o Occasionally located on the gums o Poorly defined area of blue-white spots or "pimples" o Linear lesions forming a lacy-appearing network of lesions o Gradual increase in size of affected area o Lesions occasionally erode to form painful ulcers "¢ Hair loss