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Diabetes Management Center at Ochsner Medical Center - West Bank

Diabetes is more common than most people realize. Seven percent of the population suffers from diabetes. The alarming fact is that nearly one-third of these do not know they have the disease. The Diabetes Management Center, accredited by the American Diabetes Association, works to inform our community about the disease, prevent diabetes and help persons manage diabetes so they can live as healthfully as possible and avoid complications. While there is no cure, diabetes can be managed. Education is key to helping people with diabetes stay healthy from head to toe. Components of the education program include:

  • Meal planning made real
  • Understanding your medications
  • Blood sugar-how do you get control?
  • Goal setting-what is your priority?
  • Exercise-How does that fit in?
  • Heart and Diabetes-how are they related?

The staff, which includes a diabetes nurse clinician, registered dietitian, and experienced diabetes staff nurses, lead classes that serve as a comprehensive self-management program covering topics such as keeping blood sugar at safe levels. A physician referral is necessary for the center. To learn more about Diabetes Management at Ochsner Medical Center - West Bank, please call 504-207-2654.