Family Birthing Center – North Shore

Family Birthing Center

When you deliver in the Ochsner Family Birthing Center - North Shore, you are safe in the center of one of the nation's top-ranked health systems. The Birthing Center is located in Ochsner Medical Center -  North Shore, giving your medical team access to all the resources of a full-service hospital, just in case you need extra help during delivery.

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The Family Birthing Center is staffed by our board-certified OB/GYN with Dr. Adela Narcisse and offers a collaborative midwifery practice with Karen Cullen, certified nurse midwives.  Ochsner Medical Center – North Shore is the only hospital on the North Shore to offer a midwifery program to its patients and provides a number of alternative birthing options.

Learn more about the benefits of having a midwife in this video.

The Family Birthing Center includes:

  • Large birthing rooms
  • Birthing Options for expectant moms to give birth their way
  • Access to nearby operating rooms
  • Patient rooms, including private rooms
  • Access to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Observation rooms
  • Family waiting rooms for the arrival of new family members

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To schedule a tour of our unit, call (985) 646-5632.

To schedule an appointment, call (985) 646-5632.

For after hours calls to Labor & Delivery, call (985) 646-5600.

The Family Birthing Center is located at Ochsner Medical Center – North Shore

Ochsner Medical Center – North Shore  is a fully accredited hospital offering all-private rooms, 24-hour emergency care, as well as advanced specialty care including cardiology and orthopedic procedures.