Esophageal Dilation : About

What is esophageal dilatation?

Esophageal dilatation is a procedure to stretch or widen a narrowing in the esophagus.

How is it performed?

Esophageal dilation is done during an endoscopy. After the gastroenterologist surveys the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, he or she will determine whether to dilate the esophagus with a plastic dilator or a balloon dilator. If the plastic dilator is used, a guide wire (a thin flexible wire) is inserted through the scope. Once the wire is in place, the endoscope is removed and a dilator is slipped over the wire and into the esophagus. If a balloon dilator is use, the device is inserted through the scope. Once in place, the balloon is inflated to a specified diameter and the deflated. This may be repeated several times.

Will I experience pain?

Since you are sedated, you will mostly likely feel nothing. If you do feel anything, it will be the sensation of pressure in the throat or chest. After the procedure, you may experience a sore or irritated throat for a few days.