Patient Testimonials

Jason Bruns

Jason Bruns

New Orleans, LA

How would you describe your experience at Laser Vision Center at Ochsner Baptist?

After doing a lot of research on my own, I still had a lot of questions. Dr. Shah and his staff were very helpful in answering all of my questions, going over my options, and really helped me feel comfortable deciding to have Lasik. On the day of my surgery, I was very impressed with how smooth the surgery went; I went in, had the surgery and was out in no time at all. The follow up visits were also very quick and the staff were all very welcoming to me when I arrived. 

How did your Lasik/eye surgery change your life?

I am very happy I decided to have Lasik. I am an active person, so before the surgery when I would swim, bike, or run I always had to mess around with my contacts lenses or glasses. Now that I have had the surgery, I can see better than ever and don’t have to mess with the contact lenses or glasses.

Dean Hickman

Dean A. Hickman, M.D. 

Chairman, Department of Psychiatry
Ochsner Health System
Metairie, LA


How did you eye surgery change your life? 

My lens implants have freed me from constantly wearing glassed from the moment I awakened until the moment I go to sleep at night.  I no longer need glasses to drive, play sports or attend lectures.  Another reason for seeking surgery was difficulty with visual strain headaches due to the fact I had glasses on all day long.  Since my eye surgery I have not had such headaches.

What stands out to you the most about your experience with Dr. Shah?

Dr. Shah presented me with various options to solve my visual difficulties.  In working with Dr. Shah, we easily came to an agreement as to what would be best in my case.  I felt comfortable, as if he were advising a family member.


Ella Camburnbeck

New Orleans, LA

How did your Lasik eye surgery change your life?

My Lasik eye surgery makes me smile every time I think about it.  Waking up in the morning and not having to rush to put on contacts or glasses is extremely liberating.  I used to have issues with my contacts bothering my eyes, especially during allergy season - now with Lasik I don't have to worry about needing to carry around glasses just in case I have to take my contacts out.

What were the reasons you chose the Laser Vision Center at Ochsner Baptist for your Lasik surgery?

My childhood eye doctor in Baton Rouge recommended Dr. Shah as the best.  After meeting Dr. Shah and his staff, I was completely convinced that he was the right doctor for me.  I had previously met with one other doctor who was fine, but didn't compare to Dr. Shah with regards to his openness and experience.


Dan J. O’Leary

Baton Rouge, LA

How did your Lasik/eye surgery change your life?

I had a severe correction that was the result of my Keratoconus. My vision was treated with hard contact lenses that resulted in scaring, lack of comfort, inconvenience when traveling, unable to see without the lenses. Dr Shah did lens replacement to both eyes that allows me to see without any correction. I can see the alarm clock!

"I cannot begin to express how pleased I have been with my procedure. I believe my case was unique because of its severity. I am thankful I found my way to Dr. Shah."