Lung Transplants

Why Choose the Ochsner Lung Transplant Program?


  • Ochsner is the only lung transplant program in Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • Ochsner offers shorter wait times than the national median.
  • Ochsner patients have shorter hospital stays which gets you home sooner.


  • Ochsner remains one of the nation's most active lung transplant programs, having conducted 25 lung transplants in 2014.
  • Ochsner has performed more than 300 lung transplants.
  • Interdisciplinary team approach to care consisting of physicians, nurses, pharmacists,dieticians, financial coordinators and social workers.

Patient Care

  • After transplantation, Ochsner closely follows care for all patients.
  • We take pride in creating an environment that supports the needs of our patients and their families.
  • Lodging is available onsite at the Brent House Hotel and nearby to create a collaborative long-term care effort between the Ochsner team, your referring physician, and your family and you.

Lung Transplant Team

The team consists of transplant pulmonologist Dr. Reinaldo Rampolla, primary transplant surgeon, Dr. Michael Bates and cardiothoracic surgeons Dr. Gene Parrino, Dr. Aditya Bansal and Dr. Jose Mena. In addition, the team also includes specially trained anesthesiologists and experienced staff in transplant coordination, social services, pharmacy, nursing, and dietary.

The Ochsner Multi-Organ Transplant Center provides consistent follow- up information to all referring physicians regarding each patient they direct to our care. Follow- up information is communicated via written correspondence. The nature of the written correspondence correlates to the type of visit or procedure performed (i.e., initial clinic visit, routine follow up clinic visit, hospital discharge).  The transplant team continues to monitor for transplant- related complications and regulates maintenance immunosuppression.

For Referring Physicians

To refer a patient for transplant call our 24-hour Referral Hotline: 1-800-643-1635 or email referrals to: