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Ochsner Pure Healthy Back


Ochsner HealthyBack is a comprehensive treatment solution for patients who suffer from chronic back and neck pain. Those who complete treatment report significant increases in function and quality of life and decreases in pain. Patients often say, “I got my life back!” when they are able to walk, dance, hike, play, and run again for the first time in years.

Why It Works

We utilize:

  • Top physicians who specialize in back and neck care who work hand-in-hand with your primary care physician to ensure you become the best ‘you’ that you can be.
  • Caring, dedicated physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and health coaches who partner with you to get your strength back, your energy back, your life back.
  • Medical equipment with results affirmed by 25 years of research in top health journals.
  • Comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities with your entire healthcare team, the equipment you need, inspiration, and support all in one location.

How It Works

Once you decide to get your life back with Ochsner HealthyBack:

  • During your Initial Treatment, we will design a plan of care and schedule that meets your specific needs and a physical therapist will work with you to strengthen your muscles and range of motion using our proven medical equipment.
  • You will meet regularly with a health coach who will create a personally tailored Year of Care, including everything from stress and weight management to an exercise regimen, and more.
  • Once you complete the Initial Treatment, the focus will shift to Wellness. Here, you will continue to receive care specifically designed with your needs in mind.

Scientifically Proven Technology

Through progressive resistance strengthening and the principles of adaptive overload, patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain experience improved muscle strength, disk health, increased connective tissue thickness, endurance, mobility, and function over the duration
 of their treatment. And, as musculoskeletal function improves, symptoms diminish and their psychological outlook improves.

Over the last 25 years, the University of Florida, the University of California at San Diego, and medical institutions around the world have published compelling research showing that specific spinal strengthening using the FDA-registered PHB Lumbar and Cervical Extension machines improves patient outcomes even after multiple failed attempts at other forms of treatment. With more than 75 published articles in peer-reviewed journals, the proof lies in both the research and patient testimonials.


We are deeply invested in the collection of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and clinic-based outcomes (CBOs). We follow our patients progress throughout treatment using a proprietary, robust, and scalable web-based tool to collect and analyze CBOs and PROs in one centralized system, which is used to evaluate patient satisfaction, quality of care, and measurable outcomes, as well as how the program impacts healthcare reutilization and costs.

Results from a recent Ochsner Healthy Back study have been excellent with significant clinical improvements as demonstrated by reduction in PROs of pain and disability, increases in function and quality of life, as well as a patient satisfaction rating of 99 percent. CBOs representing measured performance improvements in lumbar and cervical strength and range of motion were also outstanding.