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If you or a family member needs specialized critical care (CC), Ochsner has a dedicated CC staff available that includes doctors and nurses for the treatment of critically ill patients.

An essential member of our CC staff is an intensivist, a doctor highly-trained in the treatment of critically ill patients.

Since the intensivist is involved in the care of all CC patients, it has been impractical for the doctor to be with each patient at the same time.

This has changed with the Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program.


Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program delivers quality, expert patient care using the latest healthcare information technology. Now, an intensivist and CC nurses are able to monitor every critical care patient’s condition 24 hours a day.

This is done by a specially trained team using advanced computer and video technology at a remote location from Ochsner.

Together, we continuously monitor patients to identify subtle changes in conditions sooner, avoiding complications in the process. As a result, patients recover faster. With Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program, quality of life is better for all.

Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program assists our dedicated staff as a second set of eyes so our critically ill patients receive an extra level of care.

Patient Privacy

Patient information and records are kept secure and confidential in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program utilizes the latest security and privacy recommendations to keep patient information secure and safe.

  • Access to information is limited to those with hospital authorization.
  • Information is not released to anyone other than those providing medical care.
  • Sending patient information occurs only over private, secure connections.
  • All personnel gain entry through secured access channels.
  • Ochsner cameras are activated upon request by the bedside nurse, during “virtual rounding” to check on patients, or when an emergency or change in status requires the immediate attention of a physician.

No temporary or permanent recording is ever made from any camera or microphone.

Why is Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program needed?


The additional support of the Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program team enhances the quality and efficiency of the critical care we provide.

This enables around-the-clock access to additional critical care resources where and when your bedside team needs it.

Who staffs Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program?

The off-site command center is made up of critical care nurses and intensivists—doctors who specialize in the care and treatment of patients in ICUs.

How does my doctor interact with the Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program team?

Your physician delegates the level of care to be provided and makes all final decisions regarding you or your loved one’s care. Your physician reviews the medical status and treatment plans with the Ochsner Critical Care Telemedicine Program team daily and they are able to intervene when your physician is not present. Ochsner nurses and staff will continue to be at your bedside and monitor your condition.

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