Pillar Procedure

Multiple Treatments.  One Goal.

Pillar Procedure by Medtronic

Pillar Procedure

During this office procedure a series of implants are placed into the soft palate.  The implants contribute to stiffening the soft palate, decreasing its vibration from turbulent airflow.  This serves to reduce the sound of snoring.

The procedure is completed in approximately 15 minutes and allows a quick return to work with minimal postoperative pain.

Is this procedure right for me?

If your in office examination reveals a soft palate with noted vibrations on snoring endoscopy, you are a candidate for this procedure.

I have an active gag reflex.  Will this prevent me from getting this procedure?

Many people have an active gag reflex. After adequate local anesthesia, we can most often decrease your gag reflex and perform this procedure.