Multiple Treatments.  One Goal.



The uvula is the structure in the back of your throat that hangs in the midline.  The vibration of this structure frequently creates a  snoring sound.  Our treatments geared at this region range from applying radiofrequency energy for tissue reduction, to excising the structure entirely.

All ranges of uvula treatments are performed in the office and are dependent on your specific physical exam.

How do you determine whether to excise or reduce the uvula?

An elongated uvula is ideally suited for excision.  If your uvula is short or normal in size, radiofrequency reduction can be successfully performed.  Your in office examination will determine which procedure ideally suits your anatomy.

I have an active gag reflex.  Will this prevent me from getting this procedure?

Many people have an active gag reflex. After adequate local anesthesia, we can most often decrease your gag reflex and perform this procedure.