The SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart


Heart failure affects approximately 5.7 million people in the U.S., with 670,000 new cases diagnosed annually. For people who progress to end-stage heart failure affecting both sides of the heart (biventricular failure), there are two treatment options:

  • An immediate donor heart transplant, or
  • The SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart as a bridge to transplant

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When a donor heart is not immediately available, the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart may be an option as a bridge to transplant for patients waiting for a donor heart to become available.  The John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute is the first in the Gulf South Region and one of only 40 certified centers in the U.S. to offer the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart, the world’s first and only FDA-approved total artificial heart.  It is currently approved as a bridge to transplant for transplant-eligible patients at risk of imminent death from biventricular failure.  Similar to a heart transplant, it replaces both failing heart ventricles and the four heart valves.  It is the only device that eliminates the symptoms and source of end-stage heart failure. 

Total Artifical Heart

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Indications for Referral for Mechanical Circulatory Support:

  • Class III/IV Heart Failure Symptoms
  • LVEF <35%
  • Early End Stage Organ DysfunctionHemodynamic Instability
  • Ventricular Arrhythmias
  • Hospitalization for HF in the Past 6 Months
  • Intolerance or Withdrawal of Oral Agents
  • Non-Responsive to CRT/BiV Pacing
  • Being Considered for or Currently on Inotropes
  • Considering Hospice

Total Artificial Heart

For Referring Physicians

Referring physicians, for 24/7 transfers, referrals and phone consults, call the Regional Referral Center at 1-855-OHS-LINK (647-5465).