Lactation Consultants

Ochsner is devoted to creating an environment where mothers interested in breastfeeding their babies have the best support services available in the area. Ochsner Lactation Services provide the proper knowledge, education and tools to women interested in breastfeeding options.

Prenatal Consultation
Now is the time in your pregnancy to start thinking about breastfeeding your newborn. Ochsner Lactation Services offers personal prenatal consultations to help you with your breastfeeding concerns or questions. Our certified lactation consultants will introduce you to the principals of breastfeeding. This is also a great opportunity to be properly fitted for a nursing bra. For those mothers who plan on returning to work or school soon after giving birth, the lactation consultants can help develop individualized plans to ensure that new mothers and their babies don’t miss out on the opportunity to breastfeed. Sessions include the creation of a personalized plan and recommendations for the use of appropriate breast pumps.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
This monthly class is designed to provide detailed information on the basics of breastfeeding. In a group setting you will learn the correct techniques for breastfeeding, and how to begin breastfeeding while in the hospital. Please call 504-842-4155 to register for a prenatal class. To register for a class at Ochsner Medical Center - Kenner, please call 504-464-8365.

Breastfeeding Counseling
For those times when telephone assistance just isn’t enough, lactation counselors are available for office visits by appointment. To make an appointment, please call 504-842-5210. For an appointment in Kenner, please call 504-464-8345.

Breastfeeding Supplies
Breast pumps, nursing bras, breast pads, lanolin, nursing stools, nursing pillows and more are available through the Lactation Program. Ochsner offers one stop shopping for all of your breastfeeding needs. For those new mothers not interested in purchasing a breast pump, rentals are available. For more information, please call 504-842-5210. For information about supplies available through the Lactation Program in Kenner, please call 504-464-8345.

Telephone Warm Line
New mothers never know when they are going to have questions about breastfeeding. Babies are fed at all hours of the day and night. To alleviate your concerns, the Ochsner Lactation Warm Line is available. Just leave a detailed message, and one of Ochsner’s lactation consultants will address your questions or concerns. For assistance through the Warm Line please call 504-842-5210. To reach the Warm Line at Ochsner Medical Center - Kenner, please call 504-464-8345.

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