Heartburn Symptoms

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The smell of a delicious dinner can set your mouth watering and the acid in your stomach bubbling.  Some of the Louisiana staples, like lots of spices and rich flavors, are also some of the biggest triggers for heartburn.   Other triggers include obesity and stress.
"Louisiana is always in the top five among obesity rates in the country from a state standpoint, and then our diet is very high in foods that tend to precipitate reflux," said Ochsner Baton Rouge gastroenterologist Dr. Greg Gaspard.
Doctors say reflux of liquid or air from the stomach into the esophagus is normal for everyone, as is mild heartburn.  However, when that heartburn is persistent and typical treatments like antacids do not help, it may be time to take a closer look. One way of checking out the esophagus is using a PH-impedance probe. Learn more about this testing in this video.

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