Revenue Cycle Concentration

The Revenue Cycle Fellowship serves as a means to develop a broad experience in a fellow’s career that will foster their professional development within the Revenue Cycle arena.  The Fellow will have the opportunity to be exposed to unique projects throughout their rotations in order to cultivate competencies that are critical to the success of the fellow.

Ochsner may offer 1 Revenue Cycle Administrative Fellowship position per year.  Over the 24 month period, the Fellow has the opportunity to rotate through and experience aspects of Ochsner’s hospitals, clinics, corporate office and any of the other entities in which organizational needs are identified and fellow interest is expressed. Administrative Fellows are exposed to a broad range of hands-on experiences that will prepare them for a successful career in healthcare.  Stephanie Wells, SVP, Revenue Cycle & HIM, acts as the preceptor for the Fellow and coordinates involvement with all levels of administration within the organization.  The Fellow will concentrate on areas associated with the revenue cycle to obtain maximum understanding of healthcare revenue procedures, as well as rotate through areas related to their own interests and career objectives.


The Fellow will focus on core competencies related to Medical Operations within Hospital & Clinic Settings, Revenue Cycle, General Accounting Functions, Operational Finance Functions and Corporate Structure. After the completion of these rotations, the fellow will experience a more focused training associated with organizational need matched with candidate’s interest.

Each rotation will serve as a learning experience for the fellow by testing abilities, as well as instilling applicable system and divisional knowledge related to the strategic plan of our organization. Applicable project work will be assigned within each rotation in order to ensure the Fellow’s progress is meeting the expectations of the program. In addition to departmental designated projects, fellows will also have the opportunity to seek out projects that meet their personal career objectives.

The Fellow will have the opportunity to gain in-depth experience and knowledge of how revenue cycle and health information management functions at all levels across the health system. Rotational assignments include Decision Support, Patient Access, CBO Operations, Financial Clearance & Advocacy, HIM & Data Governance, Revenue Cycle Analytics, Revenue Systems & Integrity, Revenue Cycle Consulting, and a specialized Project Work rotation with the program’s preceptor.

Leadership & Mentoring

Professional development is a fundamental component of the Revenue Cycle Administrative Fellowship Program. Fellows are assigned a preceptor who will be responsible for serving as a mentor throughout the fellowship.  Project reporting, progress evaluations, and feedback will be facilitated by preceptors to ensure continuous competency development of each fellow. Fellows will also have the opportunity to collaborate with executives and senior administration throughout the duration of the program. Examples of Fellow participation and leadership interaction include:

  • Monthly Operating Reviews
  • System Quarterly Reviews
  • Financial Planning & Analytics Training
  • Executive Retreats
  • Professional Healthcare Conferences
  • Various Senior Leadership Meetings
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • MedPAC planning/attendance

Applicant Qualifications

The prospective Revenue Cycle Fellow must have completed the didactic portion of an accredited graduate program. Preferred candidates should possess at least one of the following credentials:

MBA, MHA, MPA or equivalent master’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

How to Apply 

Prospective Revenue Cycle Fellow must submit the following documentation as one application submittal by Monday, October 1, 2018 for the July 2019 Fellowship cycle:

  • Application Cover Sheet
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement of Interest in Program - (1 page single space) - Discuss your interest in a Fellowship, why you have chosen healthcare and revenue cycle, your career goals, and specifically your interest in Ochsner Health System.
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation – Signed,  include name, title and phone number (combination of Academic and Professional) NOTE:  References wanting to send letters directly to email address, should include candidates full name in subject line and must be received by specified deadline to be accepted.
  • Official Graduate School Transcript(s) - can also be included as pdf, otherwise school may send directly to: Ochsner Administrative Fellowship, Attn.: Faye Campo, 1514 Jefferson Highway, Room 6E253, New Orleans, LA 70121. Transcript must be received by specified deadline to be accepted.

For questions or additional information on applying, please email a current member of our fellowship program at: or contact our program manager at (504) 842-0828.