Leadership Structure

Ochsner Health System is comprised of over 17,000 employees, which includes approximately 600 leaders. We have developed a structure for leadership that allows our system to be fueled by the passion and strength of our diversified team. With this structure, employees are able to capitalize on opportunities to advance their careers within Ochsner. We are always looking for fresh ideas and perspectives from external leaders and our own employees.

Although all leaders are employees of Ochsner Health System, Ochsner has positions both at the facility level and at the system level. Facility level positions are those that have responsibility specifically at one hospital and may hold responsibility for associated health centers. Generally, their area of responsibility remains within one facility. System level leadership positions are those that have oversight and responsibility of a specific function across the entire organization.

Our Executive Team is the health system’s senior-most leadership and decision-making body, responsible at a system level for the overall vision for Ochsner’s future. This team brings our highest level leaders together to concentrate on the key financial, strategic, and operational decisions for the system.

Our Vice Presidents act as the liaisons between their individual assigned areas and the system Executive Team and Board of Directors. They are responsible for the vision and strategic planning for their overall areas and for working with the Executive Team to ensure that they are aligned with Ochsner’s overall strategic goals and objectives. Vice Presidents provide leadership and direction in the planning, implementation, and evaluation activities of all areas of responsibility.

Our Assistant Vice Presidents are the key decision makers and visionaries at the department level, working with the Vice Presidents to set the long-term vision and strategy for the specific department. They are responsible for the high level strategic planning and direction for the department, which is typically comprised of several functional areas.

Our Directors are responsible for the strategic planning, direction, and overall accountability for the department and independently make decisions that impact the overall division and/or system’s financial and/or performance objectives and strategic results. Directors are also accountable for the department budgets.

Our Managers coordinate the daily operations of the assigned departments in collaboration with the Director and plan and organize all day-to-day functions, including staffing and staff development, purchasing, and budgeting.

Our Supervisors are also responsible for day-to-day operations and projects within the department. This level includes positions such as Team Leads, Operations Coordinators, and Clinical Coordinators.

Our Mid-Level Providers are clinical professionals who provide patient care under the supervision of a Physician. Mid-Level Providers include advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and CRNAs. They are referred to as “Mid-Levels” because they are “in between” physicians and nurses, technicians, and allied health professionals in the level of care they are licensed to administer.

Our Physicians are healthcare providers who practice medicine, including MDs, DOs, DPMs, PhDs, and ODs, among others. These providers are Clinical Doctoral Level Professional Staff collectively referred to as “Physicians.”

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