Our Team
At Ochsner, your care is our first priority.

To support you during your pregnancy, your Connected MOM team includes:

Your Health Coach

As part of your participation in Connected MOM, a dedicated health coach will be assigned to you. Your health coach will continuously monitor your at-home weights throughout your pregnancy and will reach out to you if any issues arise.

During your first week in our program, you will receive an introductory call from your health coach who will answer any questions you may have about Connected MOM.

Going forward, your health coach will be your main contact for questions or concerns regarding your participation in Connected MOM.

Your Obstetrician

Your obstetrician is responsible for your medical care throughout the duration of your pregnancy and has enrolled you in the Connected MOM program.

If you have any questions about your health or the health of your baby, or if you would like to stop participating in Connected MOM, you can contact them directly through your MyOchsner account or by calling


connected mom tech support

Your Technical Support

Connected MOM has a dedicated technical support person available to you Monday through Friday. If anything goes wrong with your equipment or you just need some help remembering how to use the various components, you can call 504-842-1635, and we will be available to troubleshoot with you.