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Dr. Margaret Powell is a native of Gulfport, Mississippi. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and doctoral degree in School Psychology from Mississippi State University. Dr. Powell completed her predoctoral internship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Applied Behavior Analysis track, completing rotations in the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program and the Pediatric Developmental Disabilities Clinic. Dr. Powell then completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program. Dr. Powell is a licensed psychologist in the state of Louisiana, as well as a board-certified behavior analyst at the doctoral level. Dr. Powell specializes in the Behavioral Psychology assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders. She offers intervention services that focus on increasing both volume and variety of foods consumed while working to decrease inappropriate mealtime behaviors and mealtime anxiety. She also offers consultative behavioral services to speech and occupational therapists working on feeding skills with their patients. Within her offered services, Dr. Powell is passionate about effective parent training and generalization of skills to the home and community environments. She is also passionate about the multidisciplinary approach to pediatric feeding disorders. She participates in the Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders Clinic that meets twice a month to assess pediatric feeding disorders within a multidisciplinary team alongside a pediatric gastroenterologist, registered dietitian, speech therapist, occupational therapist and social worker.


Kennedy Krieger Institute
Field of Study: Internship Specialty - Applied Behavior Analysis (Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program and Pediatric


Kennedy Krieger Institute
Field of Study: Postdoctoral Fellowship Specialty - Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program