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$25,000 is sending Dr. Moore and his 

team on training trips to Houston to 

learn the procedure that saved Savana 
and Juliana.

hrough their World Heritage 

Foundation Prechter Family Fund, the 

The Prechter family, from Prechters have also donated $316,000 in 
left: Juliana, Annika, Paul, 
Paige and Savana.
the form of a 2:1 challenge grant to fund 
a fetoscope, laser and the infrastructure 

for providing the fetal therapy at Ochs- 

ner Baptist. he goal is to establish an 

environment in which other physicians 

can train in these techniques. In the 
future, the Prechters hope to help Ochs- 

ner fund more comfortable, long-stay 

rooms for expectant moms and visiting 

family—and not just those facing TTTS.
“It would be for anyone going 

through a complicated birth,” Paige 

says. After all, the Prechters share with 

Ochsner a common goal: to ensure that 

the hospital is a state-of-the-art center 
not just for New Orleans, but for the 

entire Gulf Coast region.

Today, Juliana and Savana are 18 
success. “When the ultrasound tech- allowed the Prechters to peek in on the 
months old. “After all the trials and 
nician came in to check for heartbeats, girls via smartphone.
tribulations we had, the girls are happy we were so anxious,” Paige remembers. 
and healthy,” Paige says. “We’re very 
“And then, ‘ba-boomp, ba-boomp!’ We giving back
just cried. It was amazing.”
With only about 20 centers in the 

When the Prechters returned home, United States ofering laser ablation for 
TTTS, many families must travel far 
Paige spent 48 days at Ochsner Medical 
Center so the twins could be closely from home. As the Prechters relected 

monitored. Savana and Juliana grew on their experience, they began to think 

stronger each day, and their happy about other families in their region fac- 
To help Ochsner meet the 
birthday inally arrived. Weighing less ing the same ordeal. “We had the means 
challenge grant, contact than 4 pounds each, they spent 49 days to ly to Houston, but not everyone 

Traci Lucas, director of in the NICU, during which time Hurri- does,” Paige says. “It’s important that 
development for Women’s 
cane Isaac pounded the Gulf Coast. For Ochsner—which took such good care of 
and Children’s Services, 
three days, Paige and Paul were unable us—can change people’s lives the way 
Ochsner Baptist Medical 
to visit the babies. But happily, Ochs- Texas Fetal did for us.”
Center, at (504) 894-2017 ner’s NICVIEW webcams—a generous To that end, the Prechters met 

gift from the Brees Dream Foundation, with their physicians to ind out what 

founded by Drew and Brittany Brees—
Ochsner would need. heir irst gift of

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