Eat Fit Washington Parish (WP)
The Bogalusa Heart Study and Our Lady of the Angels Hospital have partnered with Ochsner Eat Fit to bring nutritious and delicious food to Washington Parish, with Eat Fit WP. The Ochsner Eat Fit Mission is to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Eat Fit WP is designed specifically for people who want to indulge without the guilt, meeting the community where they are and providing restaurant dishes that are both nutritious and delicious!
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Meet Our Team

Claire Conroy

Eat Fit Washington Parish Ambassador

Claire Conroy is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. She just recently moved to New Orleans to complete her dietetic internship at Tulane University in the Fall of 2016. After the internship, she hopes to pass her exams as a Registered Dietitian and move into the field of community nutrition and public health. As a large public health advocate for her home back in Saint Louis, she is excited to spread her passion for cooking, nutrition, and disease prevention into New Orleans and Washington Parish! She would love to work with newborns and breastfeeding mothers in her future as a dietitian. With a strong culinary background from Saint Louis University, Claire also loves to bake, cook and eat! She is very excited to begin working with the restaurants and community to bring Eat Fit to Washington Parish!

Natalie Fortune RDN, LDN

Eat Fit Washington Parish Ambassador, Well Ahead Coordinator | 845-417-5443

Natalie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist originally from New York. She moved to New Orleans to pursue a master’s degree in public health at Tulane University. Natalie works closely with the Bogalusa Heart Study team and that has brought her to being an Eat Fit ambassador! Natalie is equally passionate about food, cooking and health! She is excited to make “better for you” options more accessible for the people of Washington Parish!

Katherine Lay

Eat Fit Washington Parish Ambassador

Katherine Lay is an award-winning strategist with over ten years of experience charting global digital, social, and mobile marketing for Fortune 100 companies. Having grown up in Louisiana, she is active in community health, fostering integrated connections to help treat heart disease and to encourage easy, incremental change. Excited to be working with Eat Fit WP in partnership with the Bogalusa Heart Study, Katie is also one of the only certified instructors teaching yoga as behavioral therapy to children in our area.

Joannie Miller

Eat Fit Washington Parish Ambassador

Joannie Miller is originally from New Orleans, but has been a Bogalusa resident since 1979. She has her B.S. from Southeastern Louisiana University and her M.S. from the University of Southern Mississippi in Institution Management/Foods and Nutrition. Her experiences range from Day Care, Classroom Instruction, Research Associate with the Bogalusa Heart Study/LSU Medical Center and Tulane University, Director of Child Nutrition Programs with Bogalusa City Schools, and presently she has her own Private Consulting, LLC where she is an Administrative Review Auditor for Child Nutrition Programs, School Health Trainer and Well Ahead Representative. As an active member of the Washington Parish Community, Joannie is very excited to begin working with the schools, businesses, and community on the Eat Fit WP program!